Welcome to the Alinea ticket sales site.

Alinea will be selling tickets rather than accepting traditional restaurant reservations beginning with the August 2012 bookings. Tickets will be sold for the Tasting menu only. A service charge and tax will be added upon checkout. All beverage selections including our wine pairings, wines by the bottle, non-alcoholic options, and coffee and tea service may be ordered and paid for when you dine.

Pricing for our Tasting menu will vary between $ 210 and $ 265 depending on the day of the week. The menu is the same regardless of price. We may occasionally price special days and times below or above that range.

Alinea strives to provide personalized, exceptional customer service. Every ticket purchaser will receive a phone call from our staff to confirm details of particular needs, dietary restrictions, or special requests.

Keep informed of ticket sales and events by following our page on Facebook and our Twitter feed @Alinea.

Alinea has always been about innovation and pushing the envelope in the culinary arts. As we mature as a restaurant you can be certain that we will continue to take risks and explore the cutting edge of cuisine and fine dining... so long as it remains delicious and fun.

-- Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas